Freaks like me

January 13, 2012
By issygirl BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
issygirl BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I am a circus freak.
I may not be the star, but have my own show.
My show sells out every day, and goes on every night.
But my show is different.
My show is not surrounded by laughing children, and amazed crowds.
My show does not come with used peanut shells, or the aroma of cotton candy.
My show happens in quiet hallways, with normal boys and girls.
My show happens, and no one notices.
That isn’t true.
My show does get noticed.
By the fat ladies, the snake men, the eagle boys.
The Siamese twins, the strong men, the fire breathers.
Because they too have their own shows.
Shows that go unnoticed.
Shows like mine.
Because they too are like me.
They too, are freaks.
Freaks like me.
I am a circus freak.
Circus freak and proud

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