Unfathomable Pain

January 13, 2012
By SweetChoco71 SILVER, That One City, California
SweetChoco71 SILVER, That One City, California
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I have too many favorite quotes. But here's two:
"Just remember that you're unique, just like everybody else."
"Yesterday was history, tomorrow's a mystery, and today's a gift. That's why it's called present!"
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An unfathomable pain searing through your heart.
Piercing through the ocean floor, deeper than any trench,
Brooding and ominous, a black hole of empty darkness.
The shadows tightly wrap around you as you head farther in,
The murky waters crushing you until you could no longer breathe.
Your sight has vanished, everything is invisible and dark,
Every feeling fades away, dissolving into a hazy numbness,
There is no noise, just an eerie empty, definite silence.
Complementing the darkness, completely consuming you,
Eating you away until you deteriate into nothingness.
Floating in an abyss, bottomless, never-ending,
And filled with the numbing pain of emptiness.

The author's comments:
Death inspired this "joyous" poem. I have not personally experienced the death of a loved one, but this is how I would imagine it would be like for me.

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