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January 13, 2012
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Teacher say write
So I write

You said write about who I am. Does that mean where I am or where I came from?
Or who I am with?
Or what time I live in?

If so,
then here I go....

I am one who was shoved into this
world,tossed and hurled.
In to a family with a mother so scared and unprepared, and a father with no will or means to provide.

So this family of seven split into five and further and further began to divide.

2 went this way, 3 went that way.
Left with the youngest and forced to obey.
Sent to often with thoughts of suicide swimming in my head.
Crying and dieing, but told to be strong.
"the end is coming,
just hold on."
With childhood stolen,
I went disturbed and hardened.
On through a life with no purpose.
Living each day diferentfrom any other.
I can no longer laugh with true joy.
I can no longer play care free like any other boy.
I am what I am.
i hope to have strenght to live to the next day.

You ask me to write.
So this it what I say.

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