The Storm

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The blue sky grows grey
Rapid moving clouds force their way in
The light from the sun disappears
Its held captive
Imprisoned by the clouds

The sea begins to swell
The clouds direct its movement
Like a conductor and his symphony
The waves rise and fall
Like the notes of passionate piece

The wind drives the waves in
Then lets them go to crash on the shore
Ripping through my hair
Thrusting past me
As it continues it’s way inland

The sky dulls to black
And a faint rumble grows to a gradual pound
Which turns into a powerful boom
That begins to rise
Into a earthshaking roar

A smack of light illuminates the sky
The blade last only for second
Giving a quick glimpse of the sinister clouds
Before retracting back in
Waiting for its next strike

The crack of the thunder opens the clouds
And releases the violent rain
Being blown at an angle
It fires like missiles
But only leaving a quick sting on my skin

The author's comments:
I had submitted this same poem early but after reading it online I noticed a word choice error. This is the revised copy.

I am a senior at Indian Creek Upper School in Crownsville, Maryland. I am finishing my Creating Writing course this semester and part of my final project is to submit a piece of my work for publication. My poem. "The Storm," is one of my favorite pieces of the year and I have worked very hard on it.

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