January 13, 2012
North of the ACA Denton hospital
I found my Aunt and Uncle waiting for us one perfect spring day
The time for a new family member to come into our life’s
About four hours into the wait me and my cousin was tired of standing in one place
I was thirteen

Walking the halls going up and down like we are on a hill
On our way to the snack and vending machines we pass a glass hallway
Besides the glass windows through the hall and those marvelous hills
I was having fun I was thirteen

Back with the others laughing at hilarious jokes
We wait and wait and wait
About two hours later we see daddy john walking in with baby lily
We smiled through the glass window
I was thirteen

After the little one come it was time to leave
Walking through the beautiful midnight air
Searching for the car
Sleepily putting our seat belts on we are on our way home
I was thirteen

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