where im from

January 13, 2012
I am from the Cherokee nation.
From the paint and beads all around
I am from the teepee tents to the dancing late at night around a beautiful fire.
I am from the fur clothing on our backs.
I am from the stone arrowhead on the wooden spear.
I am from the hunting with wolfs and coyote’s.
I’m from somewhere up there Oklahoma girl.
I am from the hurtful spikes on my feet for running miles a day.
I’m from NO CANDY, NO SODA policy.
I’m from the here and now music.
I’m from writing stories every now and then and here and there.
I am from a world, a house, a room full of colorful pictures.
I am from the bright wonderful flowers god gave us.
I am from my dream, my fantasy, and my life.
I am from an old box full of funny exciting memories

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