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January 13, 2012
By glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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He makes me smile whenever I think of him.
He makes me happy just to be able to hear his voice.
He makes me feel like the only one that matters when he gives up everything just to be with me.
He makes me feel loved with the small kisses that cover my face and the hugs with warmth that lasts an eternity.
He makes me feel confused because I’m in love with him but I can’t be in love with my best friend.
He makes me feel awkward when I accidentally picture us having a family together and being an old married couple still strong with love.
He makes me feel skeptical because when he says “I love you,” I’m not sure if it’s an, I love you or an, I LOVE YOU.
He makes me feel scared that the love I have for him may be too much for him to bear.
He makes me feel hopeful when he tells me he loves me the same way I love him and holds my hand as we walk.
He makes me feel hopeless when he says can’t see us being more than friends and “What’s the point if we’re already as close as two people could possibly be.”
He makes me feel powerful when I know no one can come between us but us.
He makes me feel like sh** when he tells me that he already found his “it girl.”
He makes full of emotion – full of love and hate, full of happiness and sadness.
He makes me feel crazy for being in love with my best friend, even though I don’t see why it’s so wrong because it happens all the time in movies?
He uplifts me when he tells me I’m special and not like everyone else.
He kills me when he tells me he can give his all to her but he give his all to me.
He makes me stutter on incomplete thoughts with incomplete words and incomplete smiles that don’t get the chance to fill me with joy because I’m in an incomplete love.
He makes me, my best friend, his best friend, our best friends, the one love he’s not ready for, the one love he doesn’t want.
He makes me chuckle because at least I get to be that one irreplaceable girl, though I may not be it I am the one, and I will always be there.
He makes me feel love.
He makes me read this poem aloud hoping he hears my fears and my thoughts and doesn’t want to flee in the end but instead come closer or at least stay there in the same place and never leave me.
He makes me…

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