Beautiful Disaster

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

They call him Zac,
but his real name is Stephen.
Not gonna lie,
but I almost die when I see him.
Cause he has so much potential,
his talent could spread like wild fire.
But he puts it to rest,
and decides to go on with the season.
I'd give him my time,
show him how much I believe in him.
But he'd rather spend his weekends getting high for no apparent reason.
It's sad to see someone as beautiful as him,
be ridiculed by the things people say about him.
If only he'd see what he could give to the world,
but until then I can only pray that someday he will.
Whatever he may be after,
you know,
he's a Beautiful Disaster.

The author's comments:
There's a boy named Zac in my French class, and I've known him for about a year now. We've become really close, and I've grown feelings for him that I really can't seem to ignore. Only problem is that he gets high pretty much every day, and he wastes his life away. I've read his poems, the songs he's written, and he's an amazing surfer. But he can't ace a class if his life depended on it because he really doesn't put any effort into it. I know he has the potential though. It just makes me so sad that he doesn't see it. Because he really is an amazing person once you get past all the smoking. Anyway, hope you like it!

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