January 13, 2012
By amarisastra BRONZE, Millsboro, Delaware
amarisastra BRONZE, Millsboro, Delaware
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I'm clutching the memory,
A little girl of five:
"I want to remember".
Ten years later you struggle
to remember yesterday.

It's all thrown away.
Why create more to miss?
You're not forgetting this!
Take a picture,
freeze it in time.

Just as simple,
Wish I would have known
But then again
I am Forgetful.

The author's comments:
I have memory problems today because when I was younger I got into a lot of accidents and never went to the doctors, so... Now my memory span last like an hour. Anything after that I have to think about for about 20 minutes before I remember. The only way I can remember things easily is if they're repeated to me over and over again.

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