I think im in love

January 14, 2012
By Lovee_Tay SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Lovee_Tay SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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When i Walk Past him it feels like heaven and above
When we talk or even speak my heart skips a beat
Man, I think Im in Love
My friends say that he has me star struck
But he's already taken so i guess im outa luck
He says he wishes things were different
But i hide my feelings and try to keep it silent
I think i love him
But i don't really know
So i show no feelings
because there arent really any to show
I don't wanna seem obsesive
I dont wanna seem crazy
But i wanna be with him till the world ends
because he is my baby
I really shouldn't be saying this because he has a girlfriend
and its just not right
but hes just a person for him i will not fight
Most girls fight over boys
but thats' just not me
i think im in love but not that in love as you can see

The author's comments:
this poem was written from my friend Chyan's experience. She liked this boy and i was just thinking about it so i decided to write about it

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