The Girl I Wish I Wasn't

January 15, 2012
I am fighting this battle
With no one on my side
Alone here, in the darkness
This time, I have no place to hide

These faces I knew
The places I’ve been
They know me
Too well now

Against me
Hating me
To think I was among them
Not so long ago

A fool I am!
I forsook the things
That are now
Most dear to me

I hate the monster
That lives within me
Turning me to rage
And betrayal

As I look upon
The scowls of faces
See the emotions,
Anger and hurt

I want to scream
And make them realize
I don’t want to be this way
I don’t want to be alone

Cast my demons away
Tear apart the spell that binds me
Tear it all away
Until you find

The girl who’s lonely
Who’s lost
Who’s scared
Please, I’m not a monster

I don’t want to be this way
Save me from myself
This thing that eats away
At my soul

I don’t want to hurt
Them anymore
I don’t want to be

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