Army of Vengeance

January 8, 2012
Gather around, come one, come all!
Age, creed, gender, don't matter.
We don't care what you've demolish or repaired.
The only requirement, is revenge.
So don't be scared,
we'll be avenged,
I swear!
Were building an army,
fight to live in harmony.
We don't let things go,
so we will fallow you to the battleground.
Bullet wounds of ruthlessness,
shotguns of hate.
Trenches of suffering,
we laugh hysterically cause were barely maneuverings.
Did you honestly think, we'd back down,
with timid sounds?
Dexterity makes an easy back stab, don't it?
Momentum held our aggression does that settle it?
Hey! Guess what were building an army!
By ready to get smarmy and grungy,
cause its not that pretty.
I reckon we'll fight till Armageddon!
Flamethrowers melting sanity.
grenades imploding prosperity.
An toxic desires, for all you liars!
When will it be over?
When will it be finished?
Were building an army,
an army of vengeance!
Our motto is simple,
“Plead, for mercy,
and singe your lips,
an don't ever speak again!”

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