January 8, 2012
By xthegetawaymile BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
xthegetawaymile BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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Feeling safe in her quiet repose

and hidden in a cloak of night,

She watches them crawl before her

with malicious hungry eyes;

jet black crystal balls

planted deep in her skull

to draw them in.

Repeating the unspoken mantra:

if she can't have one she'll talk another.


Her eyes, like silver pocket watches

danging on metal chains,

softly swaying to the perpetual beat

of a secret internal motive.

It spills an intoxicating lullaby

almost as if you say:

"You're getting sleepy dear, so sleepy"

Repeating the unspoken mantra:

If she can't have one she'll take another.


She stretches out her insect legs

to claim her rightful prize -

Only to take his head off

once she's had her cruel little sip,

Her passing glance and power trip.

Each one slowly paving the way

on her road to self satisfaction.

That sick creeping mantis,

ready to strike and feast on another lover.

She repeats the unspoken mantra:

If I can't have one I'll take another.

The author's comments:
I get cheesed off when people mess with the people i love. Don't so it or i might stay up 'til three in the morning writing a spiteful poem about you.

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