The Not Me

January 8, 2012
Why do I feel like I must be fake for you?
My friends, teachers, principles, and girlfriend.
They all know me better then you do.

I don't like to be fake.
But here I am.
You forcing my hand to this state of fakeness.

You say my opinions are mine and you can't change them.
But you'll try to keep me from expressing them.
Is this in hope that I'll give up on them?

It won't happen!
I won't let it!
So keep wasting your energy!

They tell me this is normal.
That all kids feel this way.
But not all kids are a completely different person.
With different words.
With different beliefs.

This is uncalled for.
I should be able to be at least half of me around you.

It makes me wonder.
Do you love me?
Or the me that you know?
The fake me?
The pretend me?
The not me?

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