Never Be

January 8, 2012
They say you should live in the moment.
Yet each moment can't be lived.
So here I am telling you to live in the ones that count.

The species that worries to much is what we are.
Never be like a bird.
Not knowing where you're flying.
Just knowing that you are.

Never be like a caterpillar.
Not knowing when you'll become a butterfly.
Just knowing that you will.
And when you do you'll be so much more wise and aware.

Never be like a horse.
Not knowing who's going to use you next.
Just knowing that it will happen.
Just knowing that it's apart of your life.
Just knowing that you must move on.
For someday you'll be able to run free.

We'll always be upset, worrying, or planning something.
For these are all things we'll never be.

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