My Breath, My Love

January 12, 2012
My breath falters quickly my heart tightens
My love though in rage, I still love you dearly
What a curse what set upon you, to end this bad
To think I am but a ghost bringing only memories
I am real and alive now, but you do not know this
To see my blood on your hands and think I dead
But when I touch you, you still shed tears of love
I have not died, but sent away only to come back
Now you see? There's no need for the pain you feel
I can bring back the light in your eyes and the laugh
But you still think I am not among the living
That is why you seek my death only to end the pain
I run, the ground shaking beneath, I run for my life
You trail behind me thinking this is only an illusion
A knife in your hand and a crazed look in your eyes
Has my absence made you this insane to the point
My words I speak from my lips no longer reach you
You do not hear and you will not listen
I am alive! I have come back to be with you
But I tire of running and collapse turning on my back
I see you above me, looking at me with pure hatred
Have you lost the man you once were?
Thinking you would strike a tree and I would vanish
You plunge the knife deep into my heart, pushing deep
My screams pierce the forest and now recognition you see
I am real and my blood flows quick, I will soon die
You cradle me in your arms and whisper words of sweet
For I know I had come to late and here lies my price
I am sorry for the pain I have caused you, the loneliness
I wipe away a tear from your eye with all my strength
Your grip strengthens and anger flares, though at yourself
My breath falters quickly, my heart tightens
My love though in rage, I still love you dearly

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