L. O. V. E:: Lots of Violent Energy

January 12, 2012
By Shonta BRONZE, Leesville, Louisiana
Shonta BRONZE, Leesville, Louisiana
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"Stop!" you yell as he grips you tighter. You tried pulling away, but he's got too much power. You hit him in the chest, and try to run away, but he gets up quickly and pulls you closer his way. He slaps you in the face really hard, you know by the time he is finished you are going to be scarred. From the living room, to the bedroom, he drags you on the floor. You scream and shout "please, please don't hurt me anymore!!" he pays you know attention he just start moving faster. Before you know it your lying in a bed with blood runnin down from your face. Next you feel him grab your hand, your heart begins to race. He climbs over you and whispers in your ear, "shhh, don't worry I'm here....." he kisses you on your forehead. A shiver runs down your back. Years start to run down your face. He starts doing what he wants to you at a very slow pace. He touches you slowly, your body starts to shake. He kisses your kneck, and says don't worry. He kisses you again and says "we are about to begin!" he puts his hands all over you, within a few minutes you think he is through, but he comes back and starts pounding you. "OUCH!!!!" you yell with a screech in your voice, but he can't hear you over his punching noise. He flips you over and slaps you until your red. He punched hard and strong, leaving you for dead

The author's comments:
One thing that people tend to push to the side is the issue of rape. Many young women are being raped everyday, but there is no one to save them. Someone needs to take action.

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