the cage and the mask

January 6, 2012
By dojorockergirl SILVER, Sacramento, California
dojorockergirl SILVER, Sacramento, California
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1. "Cowards die a thousands times before their death, but the Valiant taste death all but once."
2. "Fairytales don't tell children dragons exist, Children already know dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that dragons can be killed."
3. "

she wants to be free but it wasnt meant to be.
trapped in her like a bird whose forgotten how to fly.
she cries herself to sleep at night, so she can mask her pain the next day.
stuck in the same cycle of hurting, hiding it, and crying.
her one escape is to prove that only she can hurt herself.
she takes the blade to make a slit and allows the pain to surge through her
as the blood drips down her arm she witnesses that the only pain that she feel is by her own hand
she continues to mask her pain to others
apllies her fake smile everyday so no one notices the marks
she tells her lies to everyone and no one hesitates to believe her
no one, not a single person can see her true self behind her masquerade
she knew that no one would care enough to notice whats behind the facade
with her true self hidden behind the lies she tells others
a seemless mask with no way to crack or break it
again she lies awake crying in her sleep hoping that someone will free her from her cage
that someone will see the scars, the tears, and the pain behind the mask
all she can do to controll her pain is to take that blade and make the slit
she keeps telling herself that only she can be hurt by her own hand
but with every slit she makes another one of the feathers falls
eventually she will lose them all. forever be stuck in that cage like a bird who’s forgotten how to fly.

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