Dear Mr. Acheson

January 15, 2012
By dannygannon SILVER, Norton, Massachusetts
dannygannon SILVER, Norton, Massachusetts
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Dear Mr. Acheson,
You were the most influential man I have ever met,
You were a great man for the life all the life lessons you set,
You were so special for the way you stayed so strong,
And I never really noticed until you were gone,
I was always with you and I felt like I was part of the family,
I always knew you were so special but now it just dawned on me,
You were like my second father and I love you for that,
I remember the last time I saw you and exactly where you sat,
I remember every moment I’ve had with you and I will never forget,
I will especially never forget the first time you and I ever met,
I don’t know why cancer had to capture you,
But if it makes you feel any better it took my grandmother too,
I loved being with you and I loved your company,
And the best part is you actually had trust in me,
Steven Acheson is my best friend but also your son,
But all I ask of you is to please, rest in peace Mr. Acheson.

The author's comments:
Steve Acheson is my best friend. We met when we played on the same baseball team. Shortly after the begining of the seasons his father Kevin, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had been told he only had 14 months to live, howver he put up a strong fight and survived for 21 months instead. Mr. Acheson was truely a great man and I cant really explain it through a website like this. If you knew him the way i did, you would of been devastated when you heard that he had past away. He went home on hospis care for a few weeks because his cancer spread to his spine and he could no longer walk. I was over his house alittle while ago while he was on hospis care and he was sitting up in his light blue hospital seat telling his storys and cracking jokes like he normally would. But instead I was at his funeral yesterday. The hardest part of the whole thing was seeing the Acheson family in such mourn for their father. Mr. Achesons mother was there and she was having a real tough time. I cant even imagine being in her position. Sitting in her wheel chair with everybody around dressed in black, crying, and looking at her sons casket. I've never met her but she looks like a great woman. Anyways, im going to miss Mr. Achson. REST IN PEACE.

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