Her, Him, Them, It, There, Then, That

January 15, 2012
By Darkrad BRONZE, Trescott, Maine
Darkrad BRONZE, Trescott, Maine
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"Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us." ~ Squall Leonheart

Do you feel that sensation?
It starts out nice and slow,
grows into more of a fluttering indication,
to only show a small lump of coal,
become a shining inspiration,
a solid stability,
a growing expierence.
A buzzing love,
under a burning sun.
Seeing these things at this place and time,
how did we not see this then?
I only knew of one thing,
a warming glow.
I end up on a porch,
with the wind and dust at my back.
The pure radiance of old memories,
are flooding back.
A struggle to hold on that grip,
is all I wish to keep here and now.
A fleeting memory,
a passer-by,
a flim in the night,
I forget I am only human.
I loved her,
I loved him,
I loved them,
I loved it,
I loved there,
I loved then,
In a time far from here,
I know I will never forget that.
They hold more pieces of me,
than I truly know

The author's comments:
I felt inspired to write about this from past memories with people, places, time, ideas. I just felt that I needed to write about it and honor where I have been and how I felt.

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on Jan. 22 2012 at 10:16 am
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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I loved the flow in the begining, and the way you ended it was great to, good poem in general

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