Last Night of Summer

January 15, 2012
By dancerina BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
dancerina BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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As the sun sets fire to the sky,
The crickets’ orchestra bursts into song.
I long,
To stay here in this wooden rocking chair curled,
Not hurled into education obligation that takes away my freedom.
The air ensconces me, surrounds me, envelops me with humidity that is impossible to ignore.
I watch the sociable fireflies lighten,
Brighten, illuminate the peaceful landscape.
Escape is what comes to mind.
Escape to a place where summer never ends, where I can forever unwind
And not feel the pressure of reality’s greedy hands that never give back.
Long and lean the green grass grows, and covers the lawn. The kind wind blows
It’s soft gentle breeze, which breaks the continuous flow
Of unforgiving, formidable sultry air.
Oh take care wonderful season of endless fun!
Of endless hours playing in the sun,
Of endless days spent doing nothing without regrets,
Of camps where many friends were met.
Where secrets were exchanged,
And where deranged tales of thought provoking things were told to keep those sleeping eyes wide awake.
Of unforgettable moments that photos and tans will help us remember.
The times where we danced in the street after the thunderstorm, letting the fumes of wet cements fill our lungs.
I gently stroke the worn dirty flip-flops, caked with memories.
I inhale the moist air, savoring its unique aroma,
Storing it away,
For a colder day.
Fare well summer,
The one season I always remember.

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