January 15, 2012
By colorfulcorruption GOLD, Hayden, Idaho
colorfulcorruption GOLD, Hayden, Idaho
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I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven or fear of hell, but because He is God. - J. G.

This is the infinite struggle
Infinitely painful
Infinitely beautiful
This is life

We bloom, we wither
We are flowers and trees
We are strong, our roots run deep
Intrinsically, we are the heart of life

We rise, we fall
We are the crashing waves of the sea
We are mighty and loud
Intrinsically, we are the heart of life

Your tears may pour like rain from the sky
And our voices may ring with the power of thunder
But just as the rain will fade and dry
You will be born again

So sing, dance, run, jump, scream, cry, laugh
Pour your soul into these
Simple, beautiful, real

Infinitely, we are the heart of life

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my favorite book, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" which also inspired my first tattoo.

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