Demonic Lullaby

January 15, 2012
By Mediabug BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
Mediabug BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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Let me tell you all a story.
Once upon a time there was a girl
who believed she had the most perfect guy in the whole wide world.
He brought her flowers, sent her notes and kissed her on the forehead like a perfect gentleman.
Then one day that perfect guy gave an imperfect goodbye, leaving the girl in this sad story broken and alone on her knees to cry.
And so she began to write what I like to call a demonic lullaby.
We fall for the boy who makes promises of forever,
but when you're 18 forever is the same as Peter Pan's Never Never.
Our hearts want to fly with the Lost Boys and live a happy ever after,
but Tinkerbell's dust is just part of a fairytale and like Wendy,
we all eventually realize we have to grow up.
At some point in our lives we all hear those three little words that change everything and nothing at the same time.
It's an ILY, a 143, an "i love you" and "you love me."
Just three words can make or break you in an instant.
Without a moments notice or seconds hesitation, your life is in shambles and complete devastation
leaving you to wonder, "What do I do now?"
We all want to be the girl who makes the player stop playing games,
the one who turns the bad-boy good.
But in the end its not our place change other people and our good intention just turns into a heartbreak leaving us in pieces wondering, "What was my mistake?"
I'm not a preacher or a writer or an English major.
I'm not a shrink or an expert or a deciding factor.
I'm just a girl who's had her heart broken and healed and who's now got something to say about it.
A woman scorned is a fierce enemy,
so all you heart breaker's out there better watch out.
Cause there's a storm brewing deep within each girl you leave,
and it grows stronger and stronger every day you don't come back.
Your absence is painful but not permanent and we will not be pitiful.
We want to remember and not regret or end up as just another reject.
When Edward left Bella, she layed down in the dirt curled up in a ball waiting for him to come back.
But vampires are a fantasy just like Bella's reality and in real life us girls are strong!
We mourn then move on!
So go ahead and steal our hearts and souls then toss them aside like we're invincible.
We bend, we break, and then remake ourselves, and we'll find someone better.
Every wrong move you make and each beautiful heart that you break brings you closer to your own end and our new beginning.
This is my demonic lullaby.

The author's comments:
For anyone who's had their heart broken.

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