January 14, 2012
It builds and it builds,

Soda shaken in the can,

The abuse is too much,

The need for power too strong.

The wish to hurt overflows,

And everything goes wrong.

They all started out nice,

Full of kindness, and dreams.

Now all that’s left,

Is brutality,

And visions of violence swim in their heads.

It may not be abuse,

Or a need for power,

May not even be insecurities,

That drives them to this.

Sometimes you just don’t look right to them,

You’re too “un-cool” and outgoing,

For their comfort zone.

Whatever the reason, you see it everywhere.

Those who dread the turn of each corner,

Those who rejoice in their pain.

Those who, on the Internet,

Are victimized no end.

Those who spend hours on a computer,

Chuckling and posting obscenities.

You hear taunts down the hall,

On the bus,

All over school.

On the street,

In the store,

Everywhere you go.

Sometimes, though, you’re all alone.

They are ingrained on your brain,

Now there’s no escape.

They’ll always be there,

Barring your way.

But, you think, there may be an escape.

You stare at a rope,

Are transfixed by a knife.

A gun is salvation,

From your current life.

But help is available.

Accept it, please do!

Will you really let the bullies

Steal your life from you?


Now you’ve gotten help.

You’ve found you understand

Their insecurities, their desperate need for power.

But you can’t completely ignore them.

The memory’s faint, but there.

Now, however, you’re struggling,

To stay off of their path.

The knowledge that you could crush them,

With pure logic and stark truth,

That a word would start them crying,

Is heavy upon your soul.

It stalks your dreams at night,

The idea of revenge served cold,

The thought of the look on their faces,

Fills you with a morbid joy.

As they taunt you, you are shaken,

Soda in a can,

Quelled only by the thought of redemption.

But soon, it’s not enough.

Wake up, oh please, wake up!

You’re just as bad as them!

You could have been an example,

But you hurt now, instead.

You could have saved the others,

From the taunts that you endured.

Now you merely assist

In the moral demise of others.

Suicide looms again in your thoughts,

As you realize what you are.

The belt’s actually on the rafter,

When human self-preservation kicks in.

You flee, you change,

You’re a better person now,

And though the scars remain,

You stand up for others, you help.

As can we all.

No matter the cause, no matter the consequence,

No matter the danger we put ourselves in,

Ignore them, and use passion to stand up for others.

After all, you never know;

You just might start a revolution.

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