His Eyes

January 14, 2012
By ChelseaNicole BRONZE, Troy, Illinois
ChelseaNicole BRONZE, Troy, Illinois
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A song is poetry added to music.

When I look into his eyes, the smooth, savory, deep chocolate that runs off a spatula and onto the taste buds.
His eyes,
The stars that sparkle into the heavens.
Staring into them softly
Seeing our past, present, and future reflected back at me as if it were a mythical mirror from our "once upon a time."
I reminisce about our first kiss, about how I was trembling in his arms like a lost child, when in reality I had never felt more brought out into the Light.
Feeling the anxiety rush through my veins like a poison that could only be gratifying in the end.
I recollect on how I glanced downward as he leaned toward my lips, causing him to give my forehead a peck, by reason of how flustered I felt.
But whenever I could control my breath the kiss was slow, almost as if I were in a dream, so flawless, immaculate, pure as any kiss had ever been.
I continue to look into those magic mirrors as they continue to hypnotize me and carry me back into the present where I realize how paradisiac this moment is right now with me resting on my true Love's chest, listening to the fluttering beating inside, pounding so fast, and being the most important treasure chest, holding his heart.
The way it's pounding so rapid that is may as well be flying, lets me know that he loves me with a passion that an artist only feels for his canvass.
I can feel his warm tender breath as he whispers sweet nothings into my ear as if I'm the most beautiful creature that god has ever molded by his own hands,
The tears well up in my naked eyes at how blessed I feel to be enclosed in his warmth.
As I tell him I love him through the warm, salty water streaming down my cheeks as I caresses me and wipes away me tears as he bestows a kiss on me that can only be seen in fairytale stories between a princess with her prince charming.
Still captivated in chestnut jewels, I can't help but slowly drift off into dreams of our future where time is peculiar,
It commences on our wedding day as I stroll up the aisle of the church, where firm laid eyes, as I'm on my father's arm,
Tears are notices in the eyes of three people.
A father about to give his little girl away,
As well as us, the bride and groom , feeling so in love, gazing at each other through tears of joy.
I continue to take it step by step down the aisle, the daisies trembling in my grip as I try not to stumble.
The way you're looking at me as I'm dressed In my pure, snow white ball gown like with a sweetheart neck makes me feel like a flawless angel sent straight down from streets of gold.
As we say ours I dos, the room spins and were dancing to our song.
The room spirals again, and we're holding our newborn on a porch swing, observant of our two other angelic children, they have your same sweet, statuesque eyes.
My dream changes once more.
Still on the rickety porch swing, holding hands, decrepit, tired, past our prime, and still in love.
In visioning our happily ever after.
I slowly awaken from our future, batting my eyelashes, still hearing your precious voice as I glance up once more to gaze into your enchanted looking glass eyes.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend inspired this piece because he is my lifesaver, he saved me from suicide, and pain, and so much more.

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