Remember When

January 14, 2012
Remember when you started learning your ABC's

your 123's?

Remember when you learned the days of the weeks?

the months in the year?

Those silly little songs you learned,

to remember the simple things.

Remember when you had nap time and snack time?

recess and quiet time?

Remember when you ran for a swing on the playground?

when you went into the bank just to get a lollipop?

You were awesome if you had the latest lunchbox,

and you were king if you had a rolling backpack.

Remember the biggest problem was "who stole my crayon !?!"

or "I want that color!"

Remember when boys had cooties and girls were icky,

when we loved mom's hugs and kisses and bed time stories.

I miss when life was easy.

when I didn't have to worry.

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