You're going to miss this every little piece Love

January 14, 2012
You're going to miss this, and you're going to want it back. Want it back so much you can taste the memories like yesterday, but you soon realize deep in your thoughts that those days were like centuries ago. You're going to look back at those days when your thoughts ran freely wrapped around silly childhood dreams flying like a kite in the breeze of a huge sky. Don't forget, even then you chased them. Those days when you believed in unicorns and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or the days you got up and ran when you fell. You kept going without a genuine care in your mind of what the world might think. Now look at the days where your heart feels artificial, and you don't know what you're doing and you're fighting all you can to stay alive and feel something. Wasn't it so easy to lay in the fresh cut grass under the vibrant sun and dream? Truth be told, it still is. Beneath the very depths of your overwhelming pain, and past the debris that has hit your face with a thrust and broken your vision, there still is something more out there than the beautiful mess of your past. More hope, more tears to be cried, more pain to live, but you will accomplish everything extravagant through it. You will grow up, grow up from the silly things that kept you alive and dreaming into bigger dreams, and you will discover dreams inside yourself.

believe in everything, and live in every second of life.

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