Broken Hearts

January 14, 2012
By DietCoke1996 SILVER, Essex, Other
DietCoke1996 SILVER, Essex, Other
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It always rains harder on the people who deserve the sun.

My lungs Were ripped from beneath my ribs bleeding through my soul onto my heart
As i watched him leave, my vision blurry as bleakness filled my world at each step he took further from me
I watched helplessly after him

breaking the distance stretching forward clutching at the air as the car drove off. I looked on and on at the distant vehicle I hoped would soon return my soul back to me.

I fell to my knees on the concrete path my hands following the cracks in the road, i broke down my hair blanketed my pain stricken face as i felt my whole world freeze.

As night came I looked out of my little window thrusting my hand out towards the horizon, then suddenly i heard the faint sound of his beautiful heart, thudding gently in his chest, i heard the broken chime, the uneven sound of a broken heart,slowly, steadily, painfully beating.

As days passed I grew to know this new uneven sound, relying on it to keep me alive, the only key to survive. I heard it quicken when he ran through no -mans land and slow when he began to sleep...

Tonight i bent out the window to hear the sweet music
and the sound connected with my heart, they thumped in a synchronized pattern in deep pain.

Suddenly... his slowed a strong pain shocked every organ in my body every drop of blood circulating my veins, i reached out further grasping at the window my heart searching for his, the horizon blurred as my vision faltered i frantically searched for his call....

Like drowning my lungs once again felt heavy as if being ripped from my chest my heart battered and aching at every heartbeat.

I knew, I knew, his final call from which in pain my heart tore as his final call from his rested heart sounded Je n'ai plus rien à vous donner que mon cœur.

Adieu mon amour

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in the perspective of a woman (girlfriend/wife) at home whilst her (husband/boyfriend) is at war in France.
(hence the french final sentence).

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