The Orphanage

January 14, 2012
By Spark2Flame BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
Spark2Flame BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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When Life gives you Lemons, you throw them back and ask for Apples.

There is an orphanage,

in the deepest places of our hearts,

the emotions sought to exit,

every moment,

every hour.

Anger is a troubled girl,

woven in violence and rage,

she is kept in a cage of dismay,

she likes to roam free,

like a bird to a new tree.

Sadness is a mangled boy,

kept in his room to play with his toys,

a man ripped out his heart,

with a cold hand,

and rubbed in salt and glass,

it's hard for the boy to stand,

Jealousy is a stupid teen,

who likes to meddle with Joy and Desire,

critisizem is his creativity,

when he was banished by a wise heart,

or welcomed by a troubled brain.

Joy is a beautiful girl,

she walks around the garden,

and can make Sadness laugh,

and Anger play nice,

she sings songs to dare not sing,

she's not afraid of being free.

Desire is a naughty boy,

who sleeps with Joy,

he's just as happy,

and always as warm as his sister Love,

he wants things to precious to name,

but he wants them all the same.

Love sleeps in the basment,

she's a loner,

very hard to talk to,

and understand.


the Orphange wouldn't be so without her,

she is the frame,

the stairs,

the walls,

and the furnace of gentle fire.

Doubt hates music,

he's impossible,

never knowing which way to turn,

never knowing which subject to study,

never knwing who is his buddy,

but afterall,

Love helps him down the hall.

Greed is mean,

and makes fun of anger,

he hates Desire,

he wants to much of what is left,

and plays music so Doubt frets.

Expression is a mature aduly,

she knows the others by heart,

and opens the door,

for everyone to play, and without her,

Love would never leave the basment,

Desire wouldn't want,

Greed wouldn't take,

Sadness would be dead,

Joy wouldn't exsist,

Anger would always be pissed,

Doubt would never be right,

and Judgement would be Joy.

The author's comments:
I love this piece, the best I've written in my opinion

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