January 14, 2012
By GrammarJew SILVER, Irving, Texas
GrammarJew SILVER, Irving, Texas
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Alone, afraid, in agony,

In pain.

She has become shattered,

She has become broken glass

Thrown away in the wind,

She is scattered.

The pieces of her body are thrown away,

Dumped, tossed, like nobody cares anymore

She hurts. She’s broken.

She’s no longer a whole.

They are laughing.

She has become a prize

Just one more.

They took it from her,

Her being, her innocence.

He swore it wouldn’t!

He swore it to her!

But he lied.

It hurt.

Pain enshrouded her entire being.

She sits there alone and afraid.

She sits there dead to the world.

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