Freedom away from Madness

January 14, 2012
By Anonymous

When i walk down the halls
People Stop and stare
Push me around like my feelings aren't there
Sometimes skip classes just to avoid to the classroom horrors
I sit on the floor trying my hardest to study
In hope that no one will come in and harass me
The days I do come to class
I am welcomed with paper balls thrown at me
I try not to let my feelings get the best of me i just let them be
They laugh and say rude racial slurs
Like hey white girl or eww look at her
My tears hold back until i get to my seat
I bow face down onto my desk
and my tears start to leak
Then i get up walk into the hall way
walking turns to running
freedom is what i seek
freedom from this madness
the hurt and the cries
Running down the street as the cold burns my eyes
i walk on the porch to my house
twist the knob
I run in the kitchen grab knife and i sob
Force it to my body until its completely in
The force is painful yet happy
I know you didn't want me to leave but i felt i needed to go
freedom is what i wanted and to freedom i shall go
I feel light streaks of blood running out my body
I know you are sad but i am happy
I am away from the pain and the sorrow
Just think i will be forgotten by tomorow
So don't worry nor cry
not a tear should shed from your eye because I am exactly where i wanna be up in heave
my heavenly father and me.

The author's comments:
My friend Darshay had problems at our school with people being rude to her about her sexuality and it was just on my mind

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