January 17, 2012
By BigBang2NE1 BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
BigBang2NE1 BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
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Swoosh! A person passed by
Swoosh! More pass by
Feels like millions have passed.
Breathing heavily, with the air
So cold,
Could see white
Wisps come from my mouth
My eyes wonder around,
Looking for my sister
"She was supposed to wait for me"
I though.
I get up
But fall right back down.
"Move out of the way!"
I hear.
I turn to see a huge machine
Sliding down making the ground smooth like glass
While fluffs blow on to my face
Cold, scared, freezing my butt off
And a little hungry
I finally manage to get up
Click! Click! Click!
Secure and ready to go
Slowly, sliding down the cold white sheet,
Picking up the speed, things
Around begin to blur
Gaining my confidence,
I'm able to move from
Left to right
Feeling the adrenaline run up my back
I start smiling through the mask
Finally reaching the end,
I see my sister and little cousin waiting
As I get closer, we wave
Next thing I know,
I'm on the ground
In front of a grey gate
"AH! Are you okay?"
He yells
Getting up side by side
"I'm glad you guys came snowboarding with us!"
Tanner said grinning as he was hugging us
Finally reaching the lift,
We catch our seats and
Slowly rise back up the white hill

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