you lied

January 17, 2012
By Ccookiez BRONZE, Fabens, Texas
Ccookiez BRONZE, Fabens, Texas
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i stand here all alone
I feel lost in this big world
I hate this feeling
No one knows how i feel
I lost you
And my world has fallen apart
I don’t know what i did wrong
But i do know i got to move on
I don’t want to be here anymore
I hate this feeling that i cant ignore
I want to tell you how i felt
But i just can’t let down my guard
You lied to me when you said you loved me
How can you say it and just leave
You said you really did care
But then you went with her
You told me that no matter what
I can always go to you
But now we are so far apart
How do i know that you didn’t lie?
About everything you told me
How do i know this wasn’t just a game?
How do i know if you just wanted some fun?
Now I’m sitting here alone
Because you lied and left.
I can’t tell my friends
cuz they tell everything
cuz they are your friends too
the one who won’t tell you are the ones that hate you
and they will look down at me
cuz I’m in love with you
i love you but I’m afraid to admit it
i block out all our good times
i cant let you see my pain
for you will take advantage
we have fallen apart
and we hardly talk
it hurts but let’s keep it that way
cuz if we hang out ill only fall more
and I’ll be in more pain now

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