Indigo Faeries

December 21, 2011
Shiver is a feeling that runs in the blood
Whispers run reeling in yesterday’s mud
Starlight and moonlight to lighten the way
Midnight and twilight as shades of the day

Blackberries red
Roses green
Faces and forces
Mostly unseen

Black is the cover of the night sky
Mostly obsidian sometimes less shy
Under the cloak of shadowy cloud
Faeries are dancing beyond the shroud

Nightshade red
Birches green
Wings and small feet
Almost unseen

Creatures of magic their carven staffs clung
Singers cease singing with songs left unsung
Birches and beeches and willowy maid
Clover and ashes and maples left staid

One eye red
One eye green
Dancers enchanting
The dancing unseen

Indigo faeries with indigo wings
Nightingale statues waiting to sing
Sapphire violet deepening to blue
Further and farther to indigo true

Mocking bird red
Silver less green
Indigo faeries
Unspoken, unseen

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tabernacleteacher said...
Jan. 29, 2012 at 6:16 pm
This is hauntingly beautiful. Nice work! The rhythm is good.
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