Those Words of Yours

December 21, 2011

I never thought this day would come
I try so hard to understand where you were coming from

You looked through me and saw what I’ve been looking for
Oh you walked away from my hopes and slammed the door

Was it all the things I said to you?
Or because I never did those things you told me to do

I know I can do wrong
You told me that when we talked on the phone for so long

You told me those words of yours
You acted as though I was just there to do your chores

Oh why did you have to leave me?
You were everything I was going to be

Now I sit here as my face gets soaked in the tears of your words
How could I be so careless and not chase my dreams, flying with the birds

Even though you thought I was just an object in your way
You didn’t see that I was strong enough to make it day to day

Oh I’m not that little girl any more, that would take word for word
I’ve got my own dreams and I won’t have to follow the herd.

So I’ll make it through and know I’ll have nothing to do with you
Because everything I am is nothing more, than what you couldn’t do

The nights get lonely and I start to think of all the times we had
But when I start to fall asleep the dreams make me see that it’s not that bad

Oh those words of yours
They make me tremble, but then I remember I ripped your letters into fours

So every time you come back and beg for forgiveness I just shut the doors
I simply tell you what you told me, I just laugh and say, “Those words of yours”

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