Broken's Promise

December 21, 2011
By Giseilla.gabbiie SILVER, Miami, Florida
Giseilla.gabbiie SILVER, Miami, Florida
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"You See The Real Me"

(written 11-27-2011)

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Broken
Caught in a storm, but still unspoken
Trying to fight the tears that’s threatening to start spilling’
Still she had a dream of being more than…
What she’s known to be Broken
However, she is real hard, real hard
Yeah she is real hard, real hard…
Because she’s a tough girl, gone far more than outgoing
She had a stepmother named Dangerous
With a quiet facial, but d*** hard ruling
Yeah, she has a great time in rumor spreading
That is why they called her dangerous
She hated her stepdaughter broken
Because she feared broken’s abilities.
She loved a guy named Charming
But charming wasn’t good he’d been cheating’
Therefore, she left him stranded
Now she has been left broken
Her daddy was not there to heal it, soothe it; no, he was out forgetting but abusing his living
Lonely did she knew, she was about to get rescued by her godmother named Freedom, Freedom
They were about to go on a lifelong journey
But she is still scarred from her broken heart now shredding to pieces,
Hold on; now do not move to fast Freedom
My heart is still illegal from being different
But Freedom didn’t care she was so balanced, balanced
She cradled her cheeks and said
Baby, baby listen here my dear che’r
Your named Broken so you will always be broken, because you are different
Your heart may be sensitive but so are all humans
Your journey is not far, but within a distance
Don’t worry broken I’m here for you
You’re godmother in conscience Happiness
She dashed out her arms, to feel freedom/happiness’s marked inkling on her skin
Her mark was now know to one as Broken’s promise
Her unfinished business
Oh! My beautiful broken’s secret

The author's comments:
a story i just made up,, i was bored

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