Not to be full of myself but....

January 12, 2012
By rachel_dye12 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
rachel_dye12 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Not to be full of myself,
I'm that girl at school everyone wished they knew
I'm that girl who defiantly does NOT blend in
I'm that girl that can't live without a boyfriend or friends
I'm that girl who makes people stare when she struts by
I'm that girl that makes a joke everyone laughs at
I'm that girl that doesn't deal with drama
I'm that girl that doesn't care unless she is involved
I'm that girl that stays up till two talking to Shannon on the phone
I'm that girls my teachers love and hate
I'm that girl who ALWAYS breaks the rules
I'm that girl you say you know just so you can seem cool
I'm that girls who cant stand seeing friends cry
I'm that girl who is mean, but nice when i want
I'm that girl saying, "Not to be full of myself, but..."
I'm that girl writing this poem

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