The Seven Dwarfs

January 8, 2012
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Snow White walked towards the tiny log cabin, a cold breeze
whispering in her ear.
This time will be different, she thought,
staring at her distorted reflection in the window.
Behind it, seven dwarfs sat
at a twisted wood table: Weight, Skin, Money, Popularity, Appearance and Love.
At the head of the table sat

In the kitchen, Snow White
grabbed a piece of steaming apple pie.
The dwarf’s eyes followed her
as if connected by a string.
Weight slowly smiled as she brought the piece to her mouth.
Snow White instantly let go of the plate,
decorating the floor with pie.
Skin snickered as she attempted to hide behind her hands.
Popularity laughed as she melted to the ground,
The remainder of the dwarfs joined,
conjuring an angry storm of laughter, tumbling across
the cold black tile.
Snow White stood in the center, her mind drowning in a flood of insecurity.
This is too familiar, she thought,
nothing will change.
Her eyes frantically jolted around the room,
lingering on a flawless red apple.
She cautiously reached for the fatal fruit,
outstretched fingers trembling.
She sunk her teeth into it,
and all went black.

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