Can we be Friends?

December 3, 2011
I thought we were meant for more
But that was all before
I didn’t mean to lie
I never wanted you to cry

Even if my mind lied
Doesn’t mean my love died
I don’t want you to leave
You I won’t deceive

Cuz I know you still love her
It’s not something I can deter
But know I’ll be there
If things become too much to bear

But can we be friends?
Can we make amends?
I’d follow you anywhere
Your troubles we can share

Don’t ever shut me out
Me, you should never doubt
I’ll always be there
You’ll always have my care

It doesn’t matter where you are
It doesn’t matter how far
You’ve let me into your life
I’ll be like your “wife”

I’ll always believe in you
That’s not something you can undo
Even when others have turned their back
My faith you shall not lack

Whenever you need me
I’ll always be there
Just hit me up
I’ll say “what’s up”

I’ll let you fly free
Be who you wanna be
I’d like to keep you around
But I’d never hold you down

So can we be friends?
On you it depends
Even if I’m unwanted
I’ll be undaunted

I wanna see where life takes me
I wanna see who I can be
And if our friendship is strong
Then we can do no wrong

Now we are apart
But you will never leave my heart
So will we remain friends?
Well it all just depends

I am gonna miss you
But I’m leaving too
We might see each other
But the day will be another

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