Military Men

December 3, 2011
By tmynderup BRONZE, Hanford, California
tmynderup BRONZE, Hanford, California
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Our military men
That’s where we begin
Freedom they fight for
Death knocking on their door
But there’s pride in their eyes
As they give a victorious cry

After the battle they just won
They pick up their guns
Headed home for the night
Knowing they fight for what’s right
But still wishing on that shooting star
For the family that’s so far

Yes, our military men
That’s how the story begins
The women begin to cry

As our men walk on by
To innocent and young
Wars not where they belong

They fight other men
Some of them kin
But they fight for what’s right
So they put up a fight
Even as the end comes near
They fight for what they hold dear

Oh, our military men
Yes that’s where it’ll end
They fight for what’s right
As they see the light
That’ll take them home
But they won’t be alone

The wife will start to cry
When the man comes by
With the letter in his hand
Her husbands buried in the land
His body not found
Crying, her knees hit the ground

The children will grow up without a father
But to them it isn’t a bother
Even if life looks dim
He’s watching over them
Their father had died
But they couldn’t hide their pride

Yes our military men
That’s where it’ll begin
We show our pride
As they stand before our eyes
They are our little boys
Our pride and joys

The author's comments:
My dad is in the military so I decided to write a piece on the military

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