December 3, 2011
By tmynderup BRONZE, Hanford, California
tmynderup BRONZE, Hanford, California
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I thought I could trust you
But you proved me wrong
You ran around with her
And you dragged me along

My friends tried to warn me
They told me you were lying
But I didn’t believe them at all
And now look who’s crying

You didn’t even deny it
You said it was my fault
That I needed to grow up
And be an adult

You broke my heart in two
And you don’t seem to care
So I fell to my knees
And my answer came in my prayers

So the next time I saw you
I just kept moving on
Even when you tried to say hi
Cuz I realized I wanted you gone

And I’m glad that I did
Cuz now I’ve met someone new
He won’t leave me
He loves me more than you

You’re standing there looking at me
But I won’t take you back
Try all you want
What you say won’t mean jack

Now you’re all alone
And I’ve got my man
And you won’t get me
My life has finally began

You broke my trust
He got it to come back
With patients and kindness
So pain is what my heart lacks

The author's comments:
I was in a relationship that inspired me to write this piece.

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