December 4, 2011
What if dreams came true?
The ones slept on every night
What would happen?
If they were good or bad
Dreaming of a world full of candy and sweetness
Or dreaming of a world that is dark and scary?
It is just a dream

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a pillow could record the dreams every night?
Then the next morning plugging it into the computer
Watching it like a movie, except the star of the movie is you
No one every fully remembers their dream
How it started, how it ended

Dreams are quite curious
Wondering if it is the past, present, or future
Did that happen? Is that happening? Could it happen?
What if the worst fears came to life
Or even the most happiest of ones

Everyone has a dream
Not just the ones dreamt of
The ones where people would do almost anything to make it happen
The ones where people would shoot for the stars and beyond

What if all this is a dream?
It is not really reality
It just feels that way
One day waking up and realizing this was just a dream
Everything that was ever done, vanished, gone, poof!
It was all just a dream…

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