A Miracle In The Night

December 21, 2011
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It was almost Christmas time,
Yes, the time was coming near.
She was so worried,
Sadness over took her fears.
She was a single mother,
She only had one child.
She knew her child worried,
But hasn't mentioned it in a while.
She didn't make much money,
Only enough to pay the bills.
She prayed there would be a miracle,
She hoped with all her will.
As Christmas Eve came around,
And the snow began to fall,
She looked at her Christmas tree,
There was nothing under it at all.
She went to bed that night,
feeling as if she had failed,
She turned out the lights,
Got in in her bed and wailed.
she gave up on miracles,
decided they weren't real.
she didn't know what her child would say,
She didn't know how'd she feel.
She closed her eye's,
As tiered as she could be.
she took one deep breath,
And fell asleep.
she woke up that mourning,
Stood up in bed,
And there was a note on the floor,
Her name written in red.
She didn't know where it came from,
She just knew it was for her,
She picked it up,
As she heard her daughter in the other room begin to stir.
She opened the letter,
As she sat back down on the bed,
Her eye's filled with ears,
As silently she read.
* My Dear Child,
miracles are every where,
But they don't always show.
And it doesn't always seem fair,
But miracles come from angels all around,
And every where you look,
A miracle can be found.
I heard your prayers,
And i know you've cried,
I know it seems a little late,
But really it's right on time.
I know it seemed hard,
For the miracle to shine through,
But instead of trying to find a miracle,
The miracle found you.*
There was no name at the bottom,
But she knew who it was from.
she sat the letter on her bedside table,
As her heart filled with love.
she went downstairs,
And under the tree,
was as many presents,
As she has ever seen.
Her daughter would later ask,
How She made it happen,
When money was o tight,
And with a tear in her eye she said,
It was just a miracle in the night.

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