Nightly Thoughts

December 20, 2011
If you could read my mind, you would weep,
For every night while you sweetly sleep,
I lay awake and think of you,
My heart cries out with love so true,
I lay and wonder if you think of me,
My love for you, you don’t see,
I long so much to hold you tight,
Even blankets can’t warm my night,
My heart’s pain makes me freeze,
I hope that you will hear my please,
I cry for you, and can’t stop the pain,
Without your love I go insane,
I long for you so very much,
My heart melts at your touch,
I need you hear with me tonight,
So that for once I can hold you tight,
Then all my dreams will be true,
For all my dreams are of you,
I dream that you love me so,
And that you promise to never go,
My dreams begin anew every night,
And I always get to hold you tight,
We have a love like you have never known,
And what my heart feels is finally shown.

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