Love Forever

December 20, 2011
I think of you when I sit in this room,
I hope to see your smile again soon,
I miss your face, and how you kiss,
But your hand is mine is what I really miss,
That shy way you smile when I hold you,
You remember all the sweet things I told you,
The way I wrote them in that poem,
Just so that you would know them,
I wanted us to last so bad,
But when you left me a wasn’t sad,
I understood the way you felt,
If you hold ice to tight it will always melt,
I loved you more then you were ready,
You just weren’t able to go steady,
I understand the fear you had,
But I still can’t help but be mad,
My heart was hurt, my head was rattled,
All the tears my eyes battled,
I hid my pain deep inside a bind,
But you were always on my mind,
I missed you more than words can say,
I seemed to see you every day,
Your face wandered through my head,
At night I laid awake in my bed,
Thinking of you and me all night,
My heart and brain in an eternal fight,
I fought myself till my heart was lost,
I loved you so but this was the cost,
There is no cure for a longing heart,
I should have known that from the start,
My heart was dark and full of pain,
I can’t seem to escape this rain,
My love beats down in steady drops,
I wonder if the pain ever stops,
Love forever is what they say,
So my love for you is here to stay.

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