December 20, 2011
By TenderHeart SILVER, Parker, Colorado
TenderHeart SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~Henry Ford~

My heart cries out, my body shakes,
There is no explaining the pain love makes,
It lifts you up and makes you float,
Then it drags you down like a capsized boat,
Your body trembles at their slightest touch,
But sometimes you see you loved them too much,
They smile at you and say let’s just be friends,
And that is the painful way love ends,
With one heart broken and down,
The other heart alive and out on the town,
You sit by and weep and see them happily live,
They don’t glance back as they leave with all you had to give,
Hearts are fickle and hard to see,
That is why only poetry knows me,
I tell it my feelings, the things I can’t say,
It listens to my pain day after day,
The one true love I have is the freedom it brings,
It never asks me for diamond rings,
All it wants is the things I have to say,
And I know it is always here to stay,
You can’t hold it or pull it close,
But no matter what it knows the most,
Poetry is love simple and pure,
It is a broken hearts best cure,
An expression of one’s true self,
It’s more than a book on a shelf,
It lets you be the real you,
No need to conform as others do,
The verses you give turn to art,
And the words learn to express your heart,
There is no love like pen and papers affair,
For the rhymes you write show how they care.

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