December 20, 2011
You don’t know the man I am when you aren’t there,
You tell me to my face that I am great and that you care,
I know the things that you do when you think I can’t see,
I know the hurtful things that you assume about me,
I wish you thought better of me then you seem to now,
I wish you could see the true me from my view somehow,
I may not be what you wished I was or who you thought,
But if you listen to me then you will know what I am not,
I may not be a great man, who is strong or brave or smart,
But one thing I know is I am a man who has heart,
I cannot be a great hero, who swoops in to save the day,
But I am a loving man with a heart that doesn’t stray,
You look at me and pass judgment when you don’t know,
My true strengths lie inside me and do not often show,
I hide myself away because I fear to be too proud,
But if you look close my heart shines through the cloud,
I wish I were a better man, one that people looked up to,
I wish I were a stronger man, one that could impress you,
But all I am is a simple man with no great surprise,
But when you hurt this loving man you see tears in my eyes,
You cause me pain when you tell stories of me,
For the lies from your mouth change the way people see,
They look at me in a darker light, one that you bring about,
I long to tell you how it hurts me, the lies you scream and shout,
The hurt will last in my heart till times turns bones to dust,
But if you feel the need to hurt, than hurt me you must.

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