December 20, 2011
By Stevie Smith BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Stevie Smith BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Oh you thousands of people,
lying in the heat.
Your mouths are licked dry
as the ground is too.
Your skin is but a piece of tissue paper
and I can see every outline of you bones
and every vein that struggles to pump blood to your sorrowful heart.
I see your eyes
that are far too dry to shed tears,
all the joy is sucked from them
and all the pain in the world has taken over.
You watch in silence
as your mothers,
sink into the quiet.
You watch in silence
for your voice can heal nothing,
in this destitute land.

The author's comments:
This is a tribute to the horrible famine that is taking place in Somalia. It's to promote awareness of it, and hopefully encourage people to help the people there.

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