Gone by Harley Waters

December 20, 2011
By harley.waters BRONZE, Marquette, Michigan
harley.waters BRONZE, Marquette, Michigan
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I value family they're the most important thing in my life

these tears keep falling
this heart keeps getting torn.
tears me apart like needles and thorns.

In the night this tears fall over and over
thinking about him more just makes them fall more.
The time that has been lost is hard enough.

These tears will keep falling until i can see him again.
He means the worl to me, i wish i never would have left.
Stupid mistakes that should have never been done.

The thought of him being with someone else hurts me more.

But sooner or later i will be back in his arms
knowing that he'll never leave me.
We will start a life together and be happy together.

I know he misses me cuz everytime we are on the phone he tells me he loves me.
And evertime we see eachother we hug for along time its like neither of us wanna let go.
Every minute we are apart, hes the only thing i can think about.

He's the only thing i think about day and night, my one and only true love.

The author's comments:
i wrote this one for one of my xbfs who i truly love dearly and is still one of my best guy friends today!

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