December 19, 2011
Perfection is overrated; it’s never worth the price,
Of the mental torture I go through in my daily life.
People laugh and say ‘you have it so easy though’,
I quietly think of moments from not too long ago.
I remember the night you told me you wish I’d never been,
These memories that haunt me make me not want to live.
I stare at my reflection in private which is so different from,
The life I live in public where I can feel friends’ love.
I wish things weren’t like this and I could be at peace,
I want so much to be free and loose from your controlling leash.
My life is a whirlwind of sad emotions that hold me in their grasp,
I hope for someone to save me and release my dungeon’s golden clasp.
The doors to my cage are gilded and people are often deceived,
They think that I am spoiled and never see how I grieve.
I am ready for someone to see through my empty, glass eyes,
And notice the lines in my cheeks from where tears have dried.
I am ready for people to hear my silent cries in the night,
I want an end to come to this never ending fight.
I am going to sleep now and am not sure when I will wake,
Perfection is overrated; it’s not worth the price you pay.

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